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Application compatibility fixes using MS QFixApp tool

Applications that worked on other versions of Windows may fail to function properly on Windows XP. This applies mostly to Windows 9x applications, but it is possible that applications written for Windows NT or Windows 2000 may also be affected.

There are several reasons why this may happen:
  • The application refuses to run when Windows reports new, higher version numbers. Often the application will work well on the new version of Windows if the user can get past this block in the application.
  • The application calls older versions of Win32 API functions that return unexpected values on machines with large amounts of resources such as disk free space.
  • The application expects older formats of Windows data.
  • The application expects user information, such as personal and temporary folders, to be in specific locations or specific formats.
QFixApp is a small application that provides an interface to the database of compatibility fixes provided with Windows XP. The tool is fairly simple to use, browse for the executable file to be “fixed” and select the compatibility modes or fixes you want to apply.

This is a manual process, rather than the user-friendly approach used in the Program Compatibility Wizard, but it also enables you to gain a very fine control over programs.

QFixApp is very straightforward to use. Begin by deciding whether you want to use a compatibility mode or a compatibility fix. The compatibility modes are collections of fixes that can be applied all at once. There is a tab for Modes, and one for Fixes. It is usually best to begin with a compatibility mode if you know that the application ran on another version of Windows. Using the Fixes tab you can select individual fixes that comprise the compatibility modes. This is especially useful when your application only requires a few adjustments.

Microsoft support for other versions of Windows: Application Compatibility Toolkit v2.0.2

Application Compatibility Toolkit v2.0.2 Instructions after installation:
Encounter a program that locks up or has strange behavior.
  • Start - Program - Application Compatibility Toolkit - QFixApp.
  • Select the last operating system the program worked in or was designed for.
  • Browse your hard drive and locate the .exe file that runs the program.
  • You can find the program .exe file location by right clicking on the program icon and selecting properties.
  • Then click the shortcut on the information box that pops up.
  • Click "Run" on the QFixApp Application Compatibility Toolkit.
  • Restart your program.
Most of the time this should fix compatibility issues. If problems continue, then reenter the QFixApp program and try different setting under the "Fixes" tab or use the Advance setting on the bottom right hand side of the box.

QFixApp, Version 2.0.2:
Install Act.exe which is located on Windows XP SP2 Installation Disk under Tools.
The newest Application Compatibility Toolkit Version 5 for Vista can be downloaded from

Programs we have fixed for clients or our office

  • Corel WordPerfect 8
  • Corel Draw8
  • Corel Photo-Paint 8
  • Corel CorelDream 3D 8
  • Quicken Basic 99
  • ATX 2000, 2001, 2002 Tax Program
  • Eversoft 1st Page 2000
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