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Online tax preparation, no software to down load. 13 different tax software vendors

H&R Block and Turbotax Tax software downloads. You can now purchase a H&R Block and Turbotax Tax software title and download it directly to your computer, with no shipping, no wasted packaging, and no waiting.

With H&R Block and Turbotax Tax software downloads, you don't have to worry about what happens if you lose an installation disc or your hard drive crashes - once you download the H&R Block and Turbotax Tax software downloads, it will be available to you in Your Media Library.

H&R Block and Turbotax Tax software downloads Windows product offerings will continue to grow in number, so check back frequently to download new titles. And if you're a Mac user, be sure to visit us again soon since your applications are on their way.

Turbotax Tax software offers compelling features such as special guidance for users who are new to tax software, refund display on every page helps you keep track of your refund amount throughout the process and the Its DeductibleŽ feature allows you to value your donations without worry of accidentally over or under estimating.

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